Pros and Cons of drinking (to get drunk)

*This rant about alcohol will, of course, not apply to every single person that brings a drink to their lips. It does, however, apply to the large college student community, of which I have become most disgusted. *

Alcohol is a huge part of almost every culture. Whether it’s to compliment food, make water safe to drink, or to get WGW (white girl wasted); billions of people consume this beast from the yeast.

In most cases, I feel, it is the “wasted” option. I needn’t explain what this entails, one most likely sees enough of it. So, let us begin….:
We’ll start with cons (of drinking ’til drunk):
-higher risk of liver issues/heart disease (off the top of my head)
-the drinker looks like a moron
-crime risk (underages, DUIs, drunken disorderly, so on, so on
-can’t function as one would normally (some might see as a pro, in my opinion it isn’t; I like the way I function)
-weight gain (beer guts)
-hangovers (if applicable), they waste an entire day following the night if drinking. I prefer being productive and coherent.
-not sure if it’s actually proven, but, brain cell death.
-I’ve grown too upset with college students at this point. Feel free to disagree in the comment section, although, I would rather you post your own con.
-you might be able to talk to a woman you couldn’t talk to whilst sober.
….and that’s all I could muster.

Here goes nothing…

So, how ’bout that click in? I guess that’s why they call it the internet.

I’ll probably go off topic on most of my posts, so don’t expect every single word to be about eating or whatever it is one is searching for.

And now, for the main attraction…

My food posts will contain: a lot of condescension and criticism toward the “American Diet”, as well as what people in the health food world THINK is healthy.