Pros and Cons of drinking (to get drunk)

*This rant about alcohol will, of course, not apply to every single person that brings a drink to their lips. It does, however, apply to the large college student community, of which I have become most disgusted. *

Alcohol is a huge part of almost every culture. Whether it’s to compliment food, make water safe to drink, or to get WGW (white girl wasted); billions of people consume this beast from the yeast.

In most cases, I feel, it is the “wasted” option. I needn’t explain what this entails, one most likely sees enough of it. So, let us begin….:
We’ll start with cons (of drinking ’til drunk):
-higher risk of liver issues/heart disease (off the top of my head)
-the drinker looks like a moron
-crime risk (underages, DUIs, drunken disorderly, so on, so on
-can’t function as one would normally (some might see as a pro, in my opinion it isn’t; I like the way I function)
-weight gain (beer guts)
-hangovers (if applicable), they waste an entire day following the night if drinking. I prefer being productive and coherent.
-not sure if it’s actually proven, but, brain cell death.
-I’ve grown too upset with college students at this point. Feel free to disagree in the comment section, although, I would rather you post your own con.
-you might be able to talk to a woman you couldn’t talk to whilst sober.
….and that’s all I could muster.

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